Friday, July 15, 2011

Why do worms come onto driveways and sidewalks when it rains?

In helping out the Answer Girl at the Casper Star-Tribune, the Science Posse was asked Why do worms come onto driveways and sidewalks when it rains?

Answer from Posse member Charles Schmidt:

Dr. Dennis Linden, Cindy Hale, and other worm experts say that worms do NOT surface to avoid drowning. In fact, they come to the surface during rains (especially in the spring) so they can move overland. The temporarily wet conditions give worms a chance to move safely to new places. Since worms breathe through their skin, the skin must stay wet in order for the oxygen to pass through it. After rain or during high humidity are safe times for worms to move around without dehydrating. It is true that, without oxygen, worms will suffocate. But earthworms can survive for several weeks under water, providing there is sufficient oxygen in the water to support them.


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